Annie Trappington

Birthday: 21st March
Location: Medford, OR

Avg Rating: 0.0
Annie was too much fun to work with! She has a very bubbly personality and is down to do whatever is asked of her. I went out to Medford, OR to meet her - she lives in a small town hours away from every big city.

She's 5'8", but looks like she's 5'4". She's very lightweight, so she loves to be tossed around and lifted in the air while being fucked.

She has a huge, 8 inches plus cock that was a very big surprise as I scoped out her amateur porn shoots and her dick looked no bigger than six inches. However, when I did my customary sexual interview, she started to get really hard and it kept growing and growing, although it's very big flaccid as well.

Annie is a very young 20 years old. She's a total video game and guitar playing nerd.
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Annie Trappington Appears in...

TGirls Porn Volume 3 (Scene 2)
30 min video
Starring: Annie Trappington, Lucy Sioux
Femout regulars Lucy Sioux & Annie Trappington are two up and cumming kinksters who share one very common interest - SEX! Always rampantly horny in their solo work we decided to bring these two little nymphos together and let the chemistry happen exclusively for TGirls.Porn and BOOM we were not disappointed!! Check out these two very well hung she-devils creating some serious fireworks in this ball-slapping XXX shot by Mr Radius Dark....daaamn!!!
TGirls Porn Volume 3 (Full DVD)
130 min video
Starring: Alexandra Vexx, Alicia Snow
In this third installment of the TGIRLS PORN series, the fun doesn’t stop as we have 10 more girls fucking, sucking, and stroking through 5 fully engorged scenes!

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