Kacy TGirl

Birthday: 8th January
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Avg Rating: 0.0
Kacy was a closet cross-dresser from a young age and over time moved toward increasingly more serious transvestite activities. In her [ahem] “mature” years, she entered the transgendered world via hormones and the processes associated with a full transition. “I’m such a girlie girl!”

A TGirl adult entertainer for several years, her 1st adult video opportunity came via a POV handjob/blowjob scene with ChristianXXX. “Many a gent & tgirl owe a debt of gratitude for the tips he gave me on sucking a cock.”

Kacy subsequently launched KacyTGirl.com and self producing adult content. Being a pansexual (“every body is fair game”) she has performed with cis-female Jasmeen Lefleur, cis-male Rubs McLanahand, Trans-Man Eddie Wood & fellow TS MILF Kristen Kraves, et al.

On a personal level, she considers herself a continuously curious, renaissance type individual that enjoys diverse musical genres, reading, fine food & “adult beverages” and being politically aware. Most of all she highly values and strives to nurture personal relationships.


Twitter: @KacyTSDate
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Kacy TGirl
Kacy TGirl Appears in...

Kacy TGirl: Every Body is Fair Game (Full DVD)
93 min video
Starring: Jasmeen Lefleur, Kacy TGirl
A Pansexual Playground as Kacy TGirl has hardcore fun with a TS, a buxom cis-female and shares her secret with an unsuspecting masseuse. Sucking, bareback fucking, french kissing & toys! Variety is the sexiest spice!
Kacy TGirl: Every Body is Fair Game (Scene 1)
31 min video
Starring: Kacy TGirl, Kristen Kraves
TS Kristen Kraves & Kacy TGirl have a hot MILFs night in. They share sexy stories, get handy from tits to curvy asses to shemale cocks, french kiss, 69 and climax with a bareback fucking.
Kacy TGirl: Every Body is Fair Game (Scene 2)
27 min video
Starring: Jasmeen Lefleur, Kacy TGirl
Curvaceous Jasmeen Lefleur disciplines TGirl Wifey Kacy for forgetting their anniversary with a spanking, putting her tongue through its paces on pussy & ass, and pegging Kacy with a strap-on!
Kacy TGirl: Every Body is Fair Game (Scene 3)
28 min video
Starring: Kacy TGirl
TS Kacy has her long legs, tgirl tits and tight ass oiled, massaged and "explored" by masseuse Rubs McLanahand before surprising him with a shemale cock. Its happy endings for all with not one but two cumshots!
Kacy TGirl: Every Body is Fair Game (Scene 4)
5 min video
Starring: Jasmeen Lefleur, Kacy TGirl
Buxom Pornstar Jasmeen Lefleur & Kacy TGirl in sexy lingerie get handy from big boobs to curvy asses to shemale cock, and use their oral skills for some french kissing and tongue teasing.

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