Lilith Lovett

Birthday: 20th April
Location: Sacramento, CA

Avg Rating: 0.0
Lilith Lovett is a half-Asian & half-Caucasian girl from Taiwan, she speaks fluent English on top of her native language of Mandarin Chinese. Back in Taiwan, she has some experiences working as a bar hostess, and some of those traits from that profession still shows in her mannerisms to this day!

She's pansexual, she likes men, women and trans folk alike. She's got a gothic style that fits her personality. Once, she offhandedly said that that her school girl look was very popular with foreign men.

We hung out with my friend after the shoot. My friend's co-workers showed up and were wondering...

"Who's that girl!"

She's very good looking and passable in person.

**** Update: May 2017 ****

Lilith says her dick has gotten a little bigger since she's been using it more and her boobs definitely got a lot bigger. Now, if I could only get her to ditch the black and bring in some color!
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GroobyGirls Model of the Month 2017 1 (Scene 5)
15 min video
Starring: Lilith Lovett
Lilith Lovett returns in a sexy see-thru top, black and white sock and panties! Watch this sexy tgirl showing off her sexy ass and feet! She strokes her rock-hard dick and then she lets off an explosive, shooting cumshot straight up in the air!
GroobyGirls Model of the Month 2017 1 (Full DVD)
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Starring: Candy Marie, Cassidy Quinn
Six of our "2017 Grooby Girls" models of the month in chart topping solo scenes. Be sure to stay for their milky popshots!
TGirls Porn Volume 5 (Scene 5)
29 min video
Starring: Lilith Lovett, Oxcetalene Lane
I keep in regular contact with Lilith Lovett, so when I had Oxcetalane Lane stop by my place with Evie Eliot, proposing that she do another shoot with a TS, the idea of strap on sex. I wasn't sure about that, so I ran it past Steven and we decided to give it a go. Once the girls got together, it was pretty clear that Ms. Lane wanted to be penetrated vaginally and Lillith wanted to fuck her as they kept bringing it up. I tried to stick to the plan, but it was apparent that the chemistry demanded something else happen. Just like that, Lilith switched from bottom to top. This shoot contains some sweet ass shots and great oral action, but the real thrill came when Lilith starts to pound Oxcetalane. Both girls are thrilled with the sensation. Oxcetalane was cumming non-stop the whole time. These girls were really into it. After Lilith fucked Oxcetalane, Ms. Lane returns the favor with a big strap on that had Lilith hanging on for dear life. After that short session, Ms. Lane sucks Lilith's cock and gets her close, before she too cums to end a very satisfying, love making session.
TGirls Porn Volume 5 (Full DVD)
143 min video
Starring: Amarna Miller, Evie Eliot
Tgirls Porn Vol 5 brings you the beauty of real lesbian love between trans women and their girlfriends. Watch Sarah Webb experience pussy for the first time with Mona Wales and see stunners River Stark and Amarna Miller pleasure each other. Oxcetalene Lane loves her trans women so much in her scene with Evie Eliot that she comes back for more with newbie Lilith Lovett. Taurus really wanted to explore with a trans woman and who better than Freya Wynn? This is 5 scenes of pure uninhibited sensuality!

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