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What's Hot
Tgirls Porn Volume 30 (Full DVD)
150 min video
Starring: Ashley Aspen, Avery Angel
Another five fantastic scenes of our trans lesbians. These are girls, who love girls who love girls and these ten stunning tgirls cannot wait to get their hands on each other. Deep gazes into each other's eyes, long kisses, stroking and feeling each other's bodies, as their cocks stiffen and their assholes yearn to be penetrated. These girls know exactly how to play with each other, bringing sexual tension and electricity which you can feel in these authentic scenes of real trans sex, as they bring each other to climax.
Femout: First Time Fuckers #5 (Full DVD)
119 min video
Starring: Ellie, Jaymee Castles
Brand new trans girls, looking to make their debuts into porn and ready to show off. If you love eager, fresh young tgirls with rock hard cocks, warm and willing asses and who just love showing how to suck then this is for you. These exhibitionists really love being on camera for the first time, and knowing that you are out there jerking off watching them. Watch these cuties in their first time fucking.
Black-TGirls: 2022 Model of the Month (Full DVD)
177 min video
Starring: FreakofdaweekK, Gabby Cakex
An incredible line-up of new Black trans superstars for 2022 - the creme de la creme BlackTGirls from all over the USA. See 12 gorgeous girls show themselves off as they tease and turn you on. Big butts, perky nipples, wet mouths, alluring eyes and hard cocks. 2022 never looked so good!
Latest Updates
Canada Tgirls: Northern Nymphs #7 (Scene 1)
20 min video
Starring: Ashley Morrigan
Ashley returns in a hot shoot with a dark gothic vibe as she shows off that curvy, sexy body for us. Her perfect, big boobs are ready to be massaged, her fat ass and thighs are spread and looking for attention, her cock gets harder as the fuck machine moves in and out of her tight hole, penetrating deeper on each thrust until it brings Ashley to orgasm. Another great scene with a hot Canadian girl.
Canada Tgirls: Northern Nymphs #7 (Scene 2)
15 min video
Starring: Gia Anastasia
How good does this matching black lace lingerie set look on Gia Anastacia's milky white skin? It contrasts beautifully, leading you wanting to see more and what's underneath. Her stiff pink nipples poke out from that sexy bra and the bulge under the panties which have to come off, to see her uncut, smooth cock at its best. To top it off ... those of you who like lactation, check out later in the set!
Canada Tgirls: Northern Nymphs #7 (Scene 3)
24 min video
Starring: Kira Kandella
Sexy and sultry, Kira Kandella returns in a skin tight black outfit, hugging that hot body, going around the curves of her legs and ass, the corset pulled tight to accentuate her boobage and hips and topped off by a collar. She's telling you exacrly who she is and what she likes. Once this outfit is removed, Kira is wearing a net body suit which has room at the crotch for her engorged big circumcised cock to get loose, and give her access to her tight, smooth hole which she lubes before sliding in a glass dildo, bringing ecstasy to her body.
Canada Tgirls: Northern Nymphs #7 (Scene 4)
18 min video
Starring: Nicky DaBratz
Nicky DaBratz's second set and she's wearing some sexy pink/fuchsia outfits together with her pink lips, blushed cheeks, and pale, pristine skin. Some gorgeous perky boobs with swollen, pink nipples and a pretty pink uncircumcised cock, with the shiny, slick head getting brighter and bigger as she gets more turned on during the shoot. And of course, stockings and garter belt just makes any shoot, that much better. A fabulous new model whom we're looking forward to a lot more of.
Canada Tgirls: Northern Nymphs #7 (Scene 5)
20 min video
Starring: Ruby O'Reilly
Cute #groobynewbie Ruby returns for her second shoot, wearing something a little more provocative, and sexier. She's a playful girl, with a great smile and energy and just loves showing off, especially as a prelude to some awesome sex. The black sheer stockings look great on her, hugging her long legs and contrasting against her ivory skin - framing her awesome round ass and smooth genitals. Watch out for some cool gaping later in the set. We're looking forward to more of Ruby O'Reilly.
Canada Tgirls: Northern Nymphs #7 (Scene 6)
16 min video
Starring: Yara Yuri
Yara Yuri is dressed, ready and with makeup to go out for the evening, for a nice meal - some cocktails and see where the night in Montreal takes her. You go to pick her up and she invites you out, and as you compliment her on how great she looks, she starts to tease you with a flash of the nipples, and her ass showing just beneath the dress. She leans back on the bed, her painted toenails pointing at you as you manage to glimpse up the dress, to the treasure lying between her legs. You can see Yara is turned on and her pressure against her panties, is too much as she removes them letting her big cock stand to attention, you may still be taking Yara out to eat, but there are a few things that need to be taken care of first, and her makeup will need a redo.
Canada Tgirls: Northern Nymphs #7 (Full DVD)
117 min video
Starring: Ashley Morrigan, Gia Anastasia
Six fabulous Canadian girls showing off themselves in this latest installment of Northern Nymphs! See established pornstars Ashley Morrigan, Gia Anastasia, Kira Kandella, Nicky DaBratz, Rubey O'Reilly and Yara Yuri. Smooth skin, big asses, hard cocks, pink asshlles, red wet lips... all to entice you, to turn you on and get you to orgasm!
Femout: First Time Fuckers #6 (Scene 1)
32 min video
Starring: Bella Bunny
Introducing the rather lovely Bella Bunny, in her first hardcore outing. She asked to be paired with John Kilo and we now know why when you can see and feel the chemistry between them. Be a voyeur into this intimate, sexual and charged scene with intense wet mutual oral followed by some deep fucking as Bella takes John's big cock while her own hard penis bounces and demands attention.
Femout: First Time Fuckers #6 (Scene 2)
32 min video
Starring: Lemmi
5ft 6, 120lb, 20 years old ... and horny! The lovely Lemmi who debuted last summer, wanted to do a hardcore shoot on camera, and John Kilo was ready to go. This is a super hot, passionate scene with both performers into each other, and full of sexual tension and chemistry. Lemmi comes with a buttplug already in her smooth little ass, prepping herself for taking John's big cock and she starts by licking and sucking on that cock, and then loves John giving her some oral servicing. Some awesome fucking in multiple positions - one to remember.
Femout: First Time Fuckers #6 (Scene 3)
30 min video
Starring: Nurse Kay
Nurse Kay makes her hardcore debut - and it's a big deal. She mentions to John Kilo that she never went to Prom. No fancy dress. No awkward dancing. No bad sex. John Kilo won't let this stand, so they make plans to throw their own prom. They get dressed up, light the candles, and cover the bed with rose petals. They skip the punch and go right for each other. Special note: This is Nurse Kay's first sex with a partner with a cock. Her first blowjob. Her first anal sex. Nurse Kay wanted to dive right in and we think she did a spectacular job. Her and John have such sweet chemistry. This is one to remember.
Femout: First Time Fuckers #6 (Scene 4)
32 min video
Starring: Vera Black
Vera Black makes her hardcore debut! She impressed in her solo performance with her deep dark eyes, slim build, and her great big hard cock, so it was a given that we'd have her back to show us all how much she loves to take a good pounding. And John Kilo was ready to oblige. Vera and John are in school for massage therapy. With time to kill between classes, they decide to practice on each other. Vera can't hide how John's touch excites her, so soon they're working on entirely different muscles. Vera needs it deep. She rides, grinds, and folds her legs back so John can get balls deep into her tight little hole until she's covered in cum. What more can you ask for?
Femout: First Time Fuckers #6 (Scene 5)
30 min video
Starring: Zoie White
Zoie is back! This time with John Kilo and ON ROLLER SKATES! A fateful encounter leads to Zoie and John crashing into each other. From there is was lust at first sight. They take things back to the bedroom where things quickly get too hot to handle. They take turns pleasuring each other, then end up in a 69 until they're so worked up John has to be inside her. Zoie holds her legs back so John can fuck her nice and deep. She cries out for more as she rides on top. And she cums hard as John takes her from behind. It culminates in her face covered in her first ever facial. It's so fun and cute and hot - we think you're going to watch this several times!
Femout: First Time Fuckers #6 (Full DVD)
160 min video
Starring: Bella Bunny, Lemmi
Brand new trans girls, looking to make their debuts into porn and ready to show off. If you love eager, fresh young tgirls with rock hard cocks, warm and willing asses and who just love showing how to suck then this is for you. These exhibitionists really love being on camera for the first time, and knowing that you are out there jerking off watching them. Watch these cuties in their time fucking.
Tgirls Hookup: Slut Fantasies Vol.2 (Scene 1)
12 min video
Starring: Asia Belle
Clear some space on your hard drive, because you're gonna want to save this one! Today we have the lovely Asia Belle and she's certainly a cutie! Such luscious hair, a stunning face, and a body to die for! And that voice, sultry and sweet as she talks you through a sexy story of food delivery gone right! This slut was hungry, and not just for a criminally up-charged burger and fry combo! Her hot delivery driver gives her all the meat she could handle! Just recalling this steamy story has her delivering her fingers to her panties ASAP! She teases her plump nipples and strokes her girthy cock! She rolls over onto her knees, shaking that amazing ass of hers. When her silicone play pal comes out, she strokes it, keeping pace with her fingers in her hole. She gives her ass quite the stretching, pushing balls deep and at a frantic pace. Her moans fill the room as she rockets herself toward a climax, leaving her hole gaped and creamy. Keep it right here at Tgirls Hookup, your home for steamy stories and slut delivered Hot and Ready!
Tgirls Hookup: Slut Fantasies Vol.2 (Scene 2)
17 min video
Starring: Billie Beaumont
Billie is back! Ms. Beaumont returns after such a strong first impression to tell a tale of schoolgirl lust that'll definitely have you hot, horny, and ready to blow! This sexy, lean siren has quite the tale to tell, having been recently haunted by dreams of her sultry professor. She would dream of her amazing tits, and tight toned body in a way that really makes it hard to focus upon waking. It also never left her without a steamy, leaky, hard problem to deal with in her panties each morning! Billie's got her girl-cock out and stroking before she even concludes the story, her erection thick and throbbing with impressive veins. She gets much more serious once the diary is put away, lavishing her she-stick with attention. Her hole begs for attention, and it's not long before a cute pink plug gets added to the mix. Once warmed up, Ms. Beaumont kicks up the intensity, making her awesome tits and truly impressive dick bounce and heave on a huge clear dildo, riding it as she would her sexy professor if she were here. This all culminates in a soul-searing orgasm as her walls pulse and massage her makeshift lover, finally satisfied. Make sure you don't sleep on this one because Tgirls Hookup is the only site that cooks up sext dreams that'll make you cream your jeans! Xoxo -Ana A
Tgirls Hookup: Slut Fantasies Vol.2 (Scene 3)
17 min video
Starring: Cloudy Vi
The hits! Keep! Coming! Today we've got the amazing Cloudy Vi sharing her sticky-sweet diary with us today! With her plush lips, adorable eyes, and amazing body, she got a unique skill to look absolutely innocent while doing the most depraved things. Cloudy talks about her secret rendezvous with her professor for "advice" which resulted in a brutal ass-pounding over her teacher’s desk. This lil slut takes it in stride though, finding herself aroused beyond belief just at the thought of what transpired. It doesn't take long before the toys come out and the dildos go in, her cute girl-cock standing proud and begging for attention. Cloudy makes sure she gives her body the pleasure it craves: frotting, blowjobs and anal are all on the table with her and her silicone friends. Her orgasm rips through her body at climax in waves and brings this amazing update to a close. Keep it right here at TGIRLS-HOOKUP, where we you always graduate Summa CUM LOUD!
Tgirls Hookup: Slut Fantasies Vol.2 (Scene 4)
24 min video
Starring: Luci Belle
Happy halloween sluts! To finish out Locktober, we called Luci Belle to the TGHU crashpad back to delve into one of her hot, titillating stories! Luci is a true-blue Good Girl, and stays locked more often than not. Chastity isn't just a seasonal thing for her, it's a way of life! She's also a bit of a gamer, and wears her nerdiness on her sleeve...And thighs...And arms...And chest... Luci's competitive spirit get's her in plenty of sweaty situations, but this time, she ended up gripping something else besides her pro controller. Her gaming rival, got an ass prize instead of a cash prize, and just thinking about it has her reaching for her cage keys. (writer’s note: and seriously , I thought that chastity makes you smaller? that's a nice girl dick!!!) She strokes herself hard and then gives her well-trained hole the attention it deserves. Luci starts small, but builds up in intensity quite quickly. Cute glass toys level up to plugs which then evolve into Ms. Belle trying her best to give her prostate a hi-five! She then brings home the win by pulling out a massive squirting dildo which results in both an epic creampie and a cute lil rosebud! Tgirls Hookup always has the best trick AND treats!
Tgirls Hookup: Slut Fantasies Vol.2 (Scene 5)
20 min video
Starring: Serena Bubbles
Little Miss Serena is back once again and this time she's even hornier than ever! Last night was a night to remember. Serena was out at her local dive bar when she met a mysteriously sexy women who leads Serena out the back door of the bar and into a dark alley. Serena documents her recent fling in her diary-a tale of debauchery and degradation. As Serena re-lives her steamy back-alley lesbian encounter, she becomes visibly aroused, stroking her hard cock. Serena just can't wait to finish her diary entry so she can cum. Serena slaps her dumb slutty hole harder than I've ever seen someone slap themselves. Her butt plug is then removed and traded for a much larger dildo. Serena makes her way from big-toy to big-toy, each dildo increasing in size until she's stretched wider than she's ever been stretched before. She mounts her huge black-and-pink monster dildo and takes it for a ride until she cums her fucking brains out. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!
Tgirls Hookup: Slut Fantasies Vol.2 (Scene 6)
25 min video
Starring: Sophie Lovely
Grab your fans and a ice-cold beverage, because we've got a sweltering sapphic story to serve up! Sophie's got a bonafide girl-crush, and she's sharing her heart with her diary! Still giddy after her tawdry encounter with the object of her affection, she decides to relive some of that passion in her room. Sophie is an adorable beauty, with a sultry voice that is guaranteed to make cocks throb. Paired with perfect skin, pouty lips and a great tight ass, and you'll be wishing she had a crush on you! Just thinking about her paramour has her cock pointing skyward, so she works quickly to release the tension. She stroke her girl-cock while slipping fingers into her tight, smooth hole, gorging herself with pleasure. Once she relaxed enough, a dildo get a spit bath and stuffed into her fantastic ass! This Lil bottom needs more than one hole attended to, so she pulls out the robo-fuxx9000 to give her throat the cramming it needs. The depraved lil slut even fills her mouth to overflow with cumlube to make the exchange as sloppy, wet, and messy as possible. Thoughts of her crush fill her head as plastic cock fills her throat as she cums (for the second time), Finally sated for a bit. Make sure you catch this awesome update here at Tgirls Hookup, where love is in the air (or is that cum?) xoxo, Ana Andrews
Tgirls Hookup: Slut Fantasies Vol.2 (Full DVD)
120 min video
Starring: Asia Belle, Billie Beaumont
These hot sluts love to fuck! When they aren't fucking, they're thinking about fucking as they stroke their hard girl cocks and fuck their loose, slutty holes at home! These TGirls look cute, sweet and innocent as they write in their diaries, reminiscing about their most recent steamy hookups! While recounting their most recent flings, these cuties just can't seem to keep their hands off of their sexy bodies, perky tits and perfect asses, until they are lying in their beds whimpering in pleasure! For most of us, these kinds of flings only exist in our fantasies, but for these sluts... it's their reality!
Black-Tgirls Jizz Jam #21 (Scene 1)
25 min video
Starring: Tiana Brook
Following a smoking hot couple of solo scenes, super sexy Tiana Brook is back, and this time she returns cock hungry and ready for some nice ass-pounding! Joined by always ready to please Country Boi, Tiana just can't wait to feel him deep inside and she knows she's going to love every inch of it! Watch them fucking in this exclusive hardcore scene!
Black-Tgirls Jizz Jam #21 (Scene 2)
21 min video
Starring: Erika Black
It's not difficult to see why the girls love working with King Konda - it's not just goods, and body - or his sizeable member - it's that he appears to love working with the girls and enjoys every minute of the scene. Erika is hungry for that big cock and she's soon got her lips around it, taking as much as she can into her mouth ... but she's desperate to feel it in her ass, and after King gets her wet with his tongue, he slides it into her, penetrating her deeply and almost splitting this petite girl in half. She loves every inch of his length and girth as it fills her to the max, sending waves of pleasure though her body.
Black-Tgirls Jizz Jam #21 (Scene 3)
24 min video
Starring: Queen Cammii
There is almost 8 inch difference between these Queen Cammii and 'Big' Kendo Kreams in height, and to some girls that might matter, but not to Cammii. Because she knows. as soon as Kendo lowers his pants, that his cock is bigger than most - and that's what she's interested in. Once they're horizontal, his thick cock deep into her tight asshole, eye to eye contact, going in rhythm, feeling every part of their bodies that all the right spots are going to be hit and she's going to get that reward of his precious cum in her mouth. A really good scene, with two sexy performers.
Black-Tgirls Jizz Jam #21 (Scene 4)
21 min video
Starring: Erica Lewinskeet
Hot girl Erica Lewinskeet is back in the studio and she's horny. The tight shiny black pants and bodice are hugging her figure and getting her worked up, and she can't wait to get Soldier Boi's cock in her hands, her mouth and then take it in her ass. She loves it as he pulls the pants over her big booty, her sweet smooth hole raised in the air as he tongues and rims her, getting her wet, her nipples hardening. Super good fucking scenes and one of the best anal creampies we've featured.
Black-Tgirls Jizz Jam #21 (Scene 5)
19 min video
Starring: Mariah Island
It can go either way when we bring in real partners to shoot together, sometimes the energy and excitement isn't there, but thankfully and like this shoot, being in front of the camera elevates the sexual tension and both get into it. It's been two years since we've seen Mariah Island - and seven since her first appearance, and it's great to see she's lost none of her energy, or cuteness. She's a real sexy minx, with a great natural body, awesome ass and hips - and someone who loves being in front of the camera and showing off. A hot scene, of these two real life lovers.
Black-Tgirls Jizz Jam #21 (Full DVD)
114 min video
Starring: Erica Lewinskeet, Erika Black
Jizzing and jamming - these are the hottest black trans performers and they're horny and looking for action. 100% anal and oral fucking. Cum ehre, cum there, cum everywhere. Erica Lewinskeet, Erika Black, Mariah Island, Queen Cammii, and Tiana Brook are out for cock... and to get jizzed and jammed!
Tgirl Teasers #31 (Scene 1)
14 min video
Starring: Daisy Taylor
Trans Superstar Daisy is back! And after being hard and playing with herself without cumming for almost an hour, she was really, really ready. Black lingerie, white bed and Daisy Taylor - it's a great combination and when Daisy shows off her perfectly puckered butthole, and hard cock, it's almost overload. Then she releases her load.
Tgirl Teasers #31 (Scene 2)
14 min video
Starring: Amanda Riley
She's a hard one to tie down for a return shoot, but Buddy Wood finally was able to bring in the much anticipated, eagerly awaited Amanda Riley who is appearing in this cute and sexy Valentine's Day special, and we're hoping to get more of her across the sites. If you know what to expect from Amanda, you will not be disappointed. Utterly gorgeous looks, a body that's just awesomely sexy, a rock hard cock and so much sex appeal you could drown in it. Enjoy this super set, from the sexy girl.
Tgirl Teasers #31 (Scene 3)
14 min video
Starring: Domino Presley
It's been over 4 years since Domino last shot with us. She's been so busy with other aspects of her life, including being our host at the TEAs, that we've just been unable to get her in. So I was surprised as anyone when Buddy turned this scene in - and very happy to see this superstar, looking so fantastic. Domino has lost none of her appeal. Gorgeous looks, great body and still performs like a 19 year old. Superstar right here.
Tgirl Teasers #31 (Scene 4)
15 min video
Starring: Eros Orisha
According to Greek lore, Eros had unlimited arrows which he could use to overpower the reason and incite erotic feelings in any mortal or god. Our Californian cutie, Eros Orisha who has taken that moniker, has her own arrow - and although it may be limited, it's big, it's erect and it's taking aim at any mortal (or god) and inciting erotic feelings in them. What a great model, with an awesome look - and I can't wait to see a bunch more of her.