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Beyond Boys #2 (Full DVD)
131 min video
Starring: Ari Koyote, Brex Boogie presents Beyon Boys – the new series featuring the hottest trans men in both solo masturbation scenes and hot fuck scenes with other sexy hot guys. Beyond Boys Vol. 2 presents nine handsome guys, ready for action. Hot and hard, wet and willing, no holes barred. This is the trans male content you’ve been waiting for.
Added on 11th Nov 2022
Beyond Boys #2 (Scene 6)
34 min video
Starring: Ari Koyote, Haskell Holland
Haskell Holland and Ari Koyote have seen each other at numerous sex parties throughout the years, and yet they have never had the chance to play we with each other. Haskell was worried that Ari was only a bottom due to how many dicks he usually sees Ari take, but he is in for a sweet surprise. Not only does Ari top, but he does it well! Ari sucks and fingers Haskell's wet dick and hole until he squirts multiple times, and then fucks him till they both lose count of how many times Haskell cums! Haskell then returns the favor by fisting Ari's stretched, pierced hole until he gets his turn to cum as well!
Added on 11th Nov 2022
Beyond Boys #2 (Scene 5)
16 min video
Starring: Teddy Bare Naked
Teddy is back and he wants to get down and dirty! He immediately strips off his clothes and gets comfortable. After mandatory chest and belly rubs, Teddy moves closer and closer to his throbbing dick. He tugs on it and shoves his fingers deep in his dripping hole. Teddy decides you deserve to see his amazing ass, so he bends over and puts his big booty right in your face and plays with his hairy hole, moaning as he goes in and out with multiple fingers. He then decides he needs a bit more than just his fingers and pulls out a special toy to play with. After turning his vibe on, Teddy goes to town on his dick and hole with his toy and you can see his hole get wetter and wetter as he continues. Once he can't hold it any longer, Teddy finally lets himself cum so hard that you can see his boy pussy drip creamy cum around his toy!
Added on 11th Nov 2022
Beyond Boys #2 (Scene 4)
25 min video
Starring: Felix, Slate
Felix needs a new job so he decides to interview for Slate's construction company. Early in the interview, both men start to eye each other's bodies and that quickly turns into them acting on their sexual impulses. Felix shows Slate what he can do on and off the job and Slate tests Felix's strength and ability to handle large tools. Felix proves he deserves the job, but Slate may need him to come in for a second interview!
Added on 11th Nov 2022
Beyond Boys #2 (Scene 3)
12 min video
Starring: Keith Eros
Keith is back and he looks hotter than ever! Dressed head to toe in the sexiest fishnet outfit, Keith is ready to get right to the action! He pulls his underwear to the side and immediately starts stroking his cock. Eventually his fingers slide into his dripping hole and Keith is moaning with pleasure. Keith pulls out his toy and starts fucking himself nice and deep and his pussy gets so wet. Keith hops down to the floor and starts riding the toy so he can stroke and bounce at the same time. After edging himself over and over, Keith finally decides he needs to cum badly so he lays down on his back and pumps away with the dildo until he cums all over it!
Added on 11th Nov 2022
Beyond Boys #2 (Scene 2)
27 min video
Starring: Brex Boogie, Jake Orion
Brex Boogie seems to be all mixed up with what is happening today, and Jake Orion is going to help him get it all sorted out. The guys start making out while they undress each other and explore their hot bodies. Brex and Jake can't wait to taste each other so they get right into giving each other oral. They then pull out vibrators and play side by side before Brex straps on a big dick and Jake sucks it. Brex then fucks Jake in multiple positions before cumming so hard he collapses right into Jake's strong arms.
Added on 11th Nov 2022
Beyond Boys #2 (Scene 1)
12 min video
Starring: Noah Way
Noah Way is ready to get down to business. He immediately strips out of his cute outfit and starts to rub his swollen pussy. Noah surprises you with a rose butt plug filling his ass and he bends over to show it off. He plays with his butt plug while he fingers himself with multiple fingers, moaning in ecstasy. After being horny for so long, Noah can't help but to rub his pussy faster and faster until he cums really hard right in front of you!
Added on 11th Nov 2022
Beyond Boys Volume 1 (Full DVD)
135 min video
Starring: Ari Koyote, Atlas Cummings presents Beyond Boys - the new series featuring the hottest trans men in both solo masturbation scenes and hot fuck scenes with other sexy hot guys. Beyond Boys Vol. 1 presents nine handsome guys, ready for action. Hot and hard, wet and willing, no holes barred. This is the trans male content you've been waiting for.
Added on 2nd Sep 2022
Beyond Boys Volume 1 (Scene 6)
30 min video
Starring: Atlas Cummings, Rowan
Rowan started getting hot and heavy with himself when Atlas walks in and takes over. Atlas rubs on Rowan to work him up before getting him undressed and sucking his dick. Rowan then returns the favor and once Atlas feels Rowan has been a good boy, Atlas decides that it's time to introduce Rowan to an assortment of new toys that will get them both off!
Added on 2nd Sep 2022
Beyond Boys Volume 1 (Scene 5)
14 min video
Starring: Brex Boogie
Brex Boogie is back and he is horny as fuck! Brex shows off his hot hairy body by wearing a small jock strap and a leather harness. His body looks so good and you both start to get very excited. Brex starts rubbing his cock through his jock strap and pinching his nipples until he can't wait any longer and strips off his jock strap and hops on the bed. Brex pumps his dick up with his pump and fingers his hairy hole till it's pulsing and winking. With his legs back and feet up in the air, Brex pulls out a magic wand and vibrates his swollen dick, humping the hitachi until his body convulses as he cums so hard!
Added on 2nd Sep 2022
Beyond Boys Volume 1 (Scene 4)
28 min video
Starring: Jameson Grae, Judas X
Judas just can't seem to pass his college course and he needs a tutor before he loses his scholarship. Jameson Grae is ready to start the lesson, but Judas confesses why he can't pay attention in class. Jameson agrees to give Judas an A if the oral exam goes well and proceeds to fuck him till his mind is clear again! Jameson was happy to shoot with his long time friend Judas, and he shows just what an amazing top he is and he squirts so much! Judas loves showing off his body and his favorite part of the scene was getting fucked from behind, showing off his perfect ass.
Added on 2nd Sep 2022
Beyond Boys Volume 1 (Scene 3)
15 min video
Starring: Eden
After falling in love with Eden during his debut, you couldn't wait to get more! In this spicy Grooby return, watch Eden strip down and tease you while he begs to be dominated before cumming all over his favorite toy!
Added on 2nd Sep 2022
Beyond Boys Volume 1 (Scene 2)
30 min video
Starring: Billy Lore, Dee Darkholme
In this passionate & kinky scene, Billy Lore is a door to door collar salesman who desperately needs to make a sale, and Dee Darkholme seems like the perfect client to sell to. Billy shows Dee how the collar fits and immediately Dee is turned into such a good boy for Billy, fucking him just the way he likes! Billy just loves topping from the bottom, and is excited to show viewers the passionate kind of sex that Dee and him have in their personal life. Dee loves when they get to fist Billy, and their favorite part of the scene was grinding on Billy's back while they shoved their fingers inside Billy's wet hole.
Added on 2nd Sep 2022
Beyond Boys Volume 1 (Scene 1)
14 min video
Starring: Ari Koyote
Ari Koyote jumps right in and starts teasing you by showing off his hot ass in his jock strap. He slowly teases his holes, but then he gets down to business pretty quick by jerking his clit and fingering his pussy. Ari then adds another finger to the mix, then another, and another until his entire fist is buried wrist deep in his wet hairy boy pussy! You can see how excited he is as his juices drip and flow all down his ass and legs. Ari decides that he needs to take it to another level and pulls out a massive dildo and shoves it right in, opening him up so wide. He fucks himself hard and shows off his huge gaping hole before he cums all over the giant cock that stretched his boy pussy to the max!
Added on 2nd Sep 2022