TS Hardcore All-Stars #7

Directed by: Radius Dark

Starring: Crystal Thayer, Jade Venus, Nicole Korsakova, Nikki North, Sabina Steele

Avg Rating: 0.0

5 of the Hottest Transsexual Models! 5 of the Hottest Scenes! This is All-Star Hardcore Fucking!
Scenes From TS Hardcore All-Stars #7

TS Hardcore All-Stars #7 (Scene 1)

Starring: Jade Venus
30 min video
It's been a while since we had Jade Venus. She's one of the most in-demand models anywhere, her stunning looks, her statuesque super model figure, her ability and love of performing have made her into one of the biggest trans pornstars in the world, and it's hard to believe she's only 22. Another hot Radius scene with Chris and Jade, lots of hot oral as Jade really shows off some cock sucking skills, before Chris makes sure the favor is returned. Great anal action, some passion, heat and chemistry and we've a pretty awesome scene.
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TS Hardcore All-Stars #7 (Scene 2)

Starring: Crystal Thayer
29 min video
We love seeing Crystal Thayer return here, she's a hit across the sites - and we've watched her develop over the last few years into the star she is today. She loves performing, and loves sex - and all her scenes are full energy, with her long, slim body and those perfect (newish) boobs ready for fun of all types. Vic loves topping girls, and this tight, stunning girl is just his type. Some hot foreplay and oral starts, but Crystal knows exactly what she wants - and so does Vic, so it's not long before he tongues, and wets her tight pink asshole, and then slides his big cock into her, making her shake and quiver with the sensations.
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TS Hardcore All-Stars #7 (Scene 3)

Starring: Sabina Steele
27 min video
She's the Omega to her man's Alpha. She's the jack to his plug - and she's bent over, or on her back, her legs are wide, and she's ready to get plugged. Sabina Steele is back - this girl loves hardcore sex, she loves a cock in her mouth but even more so, she loves to get into her trademark pose, legs back behind her shoulders, her elbows pushing back her knees, her fat ass on display with her pink hole, open, winking, pulsating and ready - looking up as her man pushes his cock deep into her, as she loves every minute of getting fucked. Now she's plugged, she's switched on and there is no stopping her.
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TS Hardcore All-Stars #7 (Scene 4)

Starring: Nikki North
30 min video
We've had Nikki North back on other sites, but she was last seen here in 2021, so well overdue for a return. Nikki let us know she was going to be in Vegas, and she really wanted to get a good pounding, really needed to get her ass stretched and slammed and really wanted to bring all her usual passion to the scene ... who better than Vic? A really hot scene, with everything you want - great oral action which goes both ways as Vic eats Nikki's ass and sucks her after she really uses her mouth well all over his big shaft. Then a fuckfest as he pushes his big cock in and out of her tight little pink asshole, she's loving the pleasure, the pressure and stretching of his full penetration and just wants more.
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TS Hardcore All-Stars #7 (Scene 5)

Starring: Nicole Korsakova
31 min video
Nicole Korsakova likes her men older and assertive. She likes to get used and has a need to please her man. Vic Lowery is that man. I think Nicole is one of the most under-rated models of 2022, she's got porn star looks, a great body, loves hard and nasty sex and a great performer. She looks good - and she brings energy, so when she told us she wants Vic to really go to town on her, we stood back and let the fireworks start. Great action with Vic getting Nicole on edge, as he tongues her smooth asshole, before she takes his big cock between her lips and sucks him hard, enjoying every minute of his meat in her mouth. Her ass high, Vic slides his dark, long penis between Nicole's porcelain white cheeks and stretches her wide and long. Great hard fucking, and intense action in this excellent scene.
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