Tgirl Teasers #37

Directed by: Moe Scoville

Starring: Ana Acker, Arden Hart, Asia Belle, Ciboulette, Lianna Lawson, Shiri Allwood, Spite

From Series: TGirl Teasers

Avg Rating: 1.0

Seven more super trans girls are here to impress, to excite, and to tease you until you can take it no longer. We've found some of the best tgirl talent around, and put them into one awesome DVD in this award winning, long running series featuring only the best girls from across our websites. Sit back and prepare to be entertained and excited. Prepare to be teased.
Scenes From Tgirl Teasers #37

Tgirl Teasers #37 (Scene 1)

Starring: Ana Acker
17 min video
"A grinder, a bumper, with a pre-moistened dumper I just want a Princess to ride" The second set of our lovely debutante Ana Acker and she's all worked up. We don't have a lot of Jewish girls on the site, but Ana fits that Jewish Princess look just perfectly - and if you want to know more, look up the Frank Zappa song. She's horny, excited and wanting to play more. Now more confident, she shows how naughty and nasty she can get, spreading her asshole wide and inviting you in for fun - before taking a pink dildo and sliding it in and out, feeling all the sensations that she loves as her hole stretches and heats with the friction. Ana masturbates while playing with her ass, and she can feel the pressure heightening as her body tenses and her cock swells further.
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Tgirl Teasers #37 (Scene 2)

Starring: Arden Hart
16 min video
Arden Hart reminds me of the perfect classmate at university. The girl you'd look long at over the tables, and long to ask out - but is she too good for you? With our without the glasses she looks like a smart cookie and she dresses sexy but not slutty. There is an air of class and confidence about her, that exudes sex appeal. You finally pluck up the courage to ask her on a date, and she says yes... and she turns up in that crimson dress, and boots, and at the end of the date invites you back to her apartment, where she removes her dress, showing that gorgeous body as you both go to shower together. Rubbing your hands over her smooth curves, playing with her breasts and cupping her balls and cock in your hand, as she reaches for your cock, stiff and hungry as she masturbates you while standing on tiptoes to kiss... ... and you come alert again as the class bell rings, awakening from your fantasy but not able to stand up as the erection will show through your trousers.
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Tgirl Teasers #37 (Scene 3)

Starring: Asia Belle
19 min video
Another gorgeous scene featuring Asia Belle, who always delivers such great content. Sex charged energy in the opening as Asia poses in some white lingerie, the stockings leading up the white panties which we can just see the shadow of what they contain. They're not long off, before Asia has slid a smooth, bulbous dildo into her smooth, tight asshole and starts fucking herself ... and fucking herself ... and ... Each thrust brings a new gasp, and the look on her face shows how much she loves this - and gives us a glimpse into what she does when she's alone.
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Tgirl Teasers #37 (Scene 4)

Starring: Ciboulette
21 min video
Your new favorite Canadian girl is back with another solo scene. This time she's got emerald green lingerie that accentuates her amazing body at every angle. She rolls around on the bed, taking off her clothes one piece at a time, feeling her body, her big luscious tits, and her needy hole, getting ready for the great big dildo she brought - her favorite. You won't believe she can take it all, but she's going to surprise you. Ciboulette fucks herself hard with it. Pounding and riding until she cums hard. Finally, Ciboulette is left limp and sweaty, giggling at how much she loves getting fucked on camera for you. What do you think of this new girl?
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Tgirl Teasers #37 (Scene 5)

Starring: Lianna Lawson
18 min video
Gorgeous star Lianna in her second set from Moe - and what a set it is. It's got everything you want. Natural stunner Lianna showing off her hot body - her flawless, smooth pale skin contrasting with the black sofa and lingerie, which when removed shows her at her best - naked. Lianna has always enjoyed assplay in her shoots, so it's expected when she gets out a heavy metal anal toy and starts using it to reach her prostate. Her cock stiffens, it's long and it's hard as she reaches orgasm.
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Tgirl Teasers #37 (Scene 6)

Starring: Shiri Allwood
18 min video
Whom better to introduce you to the wonderful ways of a trans women? Shiri Allwood, is an equal opportunist and enjoys boys and girls, both cis and trans and just seems to love it all. She's chilled out and fun to hang with, and then when she switches on the heat, she's someone who clearly loves sex and will show you just want to do to please your girl, or be pleasured by her. She'd be the ultimate sex educator, and you'd have to prove yourself to pass those exams. Another lovely shoot from Moe, and Shiri just appears to be loving that camera and delivers quite the orgasm and cum at the end.
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Tgirl Teasers #37 (Scene 7)

Starring: Spite
16 min video
It's been a while since we've seen Spite here, and she's looking awesome. With a look and vibe that wouldn't look out of place in a Neil Gaiman graphic novel, this waifish 24 year old from Oregon, really has a great look and sex appeal. Collared and all in her trademark black, Spite's sexy nymph-like body is smooth and seductive, with budding boobs and pink nipples, a smooth round ass and a nice sized cock and balls. To get herself really turned on, she's brought along her vibrating buttplug (in black of course) which hits all the right spots when she's got it in her hole and enables her to reach a sweet orgasm.
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