1. Are the videos mine forever?

If you have purchased a DVD for download then Yes! When you purchase a Download of our videos they are yours forever! You can download the videos to your computer or mobile device to save, or you can always access your purchased streaming videos on this website. They are not time-limited at all. If you are a subscriber with access to our entire catalogue of streaming DVDs you will have access to the streaming videos as long as you remain a subscriber.

2. How and why should I add deposits to my VOD account?

Please note this applies to DVD On Demand customers only. Deposits make your checkout procedure much quicker! You simply choose the amount you would like to credit to your account and make a single payment. Your deposit will then stay in your account and you can buy videos immediately with no further checkout necessary until your credits run out. Your deposits last forever so please don't worry about having to spend them quickly... come back when we release a new DVD and buy it instantly without your credit card!

3. What do I need to play the videos?

Our downloaded videos should play in almost any video player you have. We tend to recommend VLC Player which is free as it is a great all-round player but you may use many other video players. The videos are in MP4 format so will also play on any device (ie. tablet, phone etc) of your choosing. For our streaming videos, they will play directly in your browser and will also play on any device. If you are having to wait a long time for the video to begin, or it keeps stopping, try a lower quality streaming version such as 480p.

4. The streaming videos are slow or buffering a lot...

If you find that the streaming videos are not playing smoothly for you, please try lowering the quality. The 1080p and 720p streaming videos are only intended for fast broadband connections so please try setting the quality to 480p for smooth streaming. The quality is still great!

5. How often do you add new videos?

We usually release a video every 1-2 weeks so be sure to come back regularly to see what's new!

6. I'm having problems with my account or billing...

If you have a problem with your downloads, your account or billing that is not answered in this FAQ, please submit a support ticket at Grooby Support. You should normally receive within 24 hours but usually much quicker.

7. Do you produce Transsexual VR videos?

Yes! Our VR videos offer you a truly immersive experience of transsexual sex! They are shot POV style so you can enjoy close-up and erotic sex with your favorite TS porn stars! Our VR site is located at GroobyVR and offers videos for Samsung Gear, Oculus, Vive, Playstation VR and Regular Smartphones!

8. Can I buy physical copies of the DVDs?

Yes! Assuming they are still in stock, all of our DVDs can be purchased at our Grooby Store. We ship very discreetly and you can also buy other merchandies such as t-shirts, pens, towels etc at great prices!

9. Where can I see more of a model?

We also run a lot of membership sites that feature literally thousands of sets with both video and an accompanying photoset. All of the transsexual models you see here feature on some of our sites - you'll find a link to the appropriate sites on the Model Bio page! Or for a full list of the websites that we operate, please look here!

10. How do I contact you?

If you require any assistance, please submit a support ticket at Grooby Support and we will reply to you as soon as possible.