Lindsey London

Birthday: 30th June
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Avg Rating: 0.0
Here is a brand new cutie whom I was lucky enough to meet in the studio when I was visiting last week. Lindsey is a 24 year old Californian girl, with long shapely legs, a great ass, budding boobs and a really pretty face.

We love a little confidence, and she was ready to go right away, knowing how to pose and show off to her best.

A pretty smile goes a long way, and a girl who spreads her legs and looks that ready for sex goes even further!
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Lindsey London Appears in...

Tgirl Teasers #32 (Scene 5)
10 min video
Starring: Lindsey London
She's ready for it all. She came to the set ready, her nails perfect, her makeup done and her hair style. She was ready with a selection of clothes, and her recently shaved balls and ass are totally ready. Lindsey is ready to get herself out there and be an object of desire, she's ready for men to be sat at home jacking off over her smooth, gorgeous body and wanting her luscious lips around their cocks. She's ready to spread those legs, showing one of the prettiest holes we've seen in sometime - and she's ready for you to get over here and start playing with her. Are you ready for Lindsey London?
Added on 26th Jan 2024
Tgirl Teasers #32 (Full DVD)
98 min video
Starring: Chloe Jordan, Jasmine Lotus
Buddy Wood is back! The maestro of finding the hottest, newest and sexiest trans talent in Los Angeles has outdid himself! Our cover girl is fabulous Leilani Li - and we're also featuring visiting superstars Jasmine Lotus, Lola Morena and Kalli Grace as well as three of the hottest newcomers we've seen in a long time, Chloe Jordan, Lindsey London and Natalie Carnot. Seven of the top trans talents in the world, together in one amazing DVD.
Added on 26th Jan 2024