Luna Nyx

Birthday: 5th April
Location: Florida

Avg Rating: 0.0
Luna Nyx is a six foot tall goth girl, with a passion for being fucked hard and doing extreme things. She loves video games - like RPG and shooting, Magic the Gathering, and drawing. She drew all of her tattoos except for the one on her hand.

Sexually, she's a switch with both guys and girls. She has a really big dick and it gets hard with ease. Her favorite position, whether she's fucking someone or getting fucked, is doggystyle. She likes to give it rough and take pounding.
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Luna Nyx Appears in...

Tgirls Porn Volume 34 (Scene 3)
30 min video
Starring: Cardi A Falcone, Luna Nyx
Real life partners Cardi Falcone and Luna Nyx were visiting Las Vegas and of course, this just had to be done. A glimpse into the authentic and real sex that two trans girls, who are very much together and what they do in their private lives - and this is one of the best scenes to show that. Both girls love to please each other, and play with their bodies to see what really gets their partner going but of course, settling into a prolonged 69 session, is the warmup to everything else. Great oral action including Cardi rimming Luna's tight asshole to get her ready for a pounding, and then they flip so Luna is fucking Cardi's sweet hole. A hot scene that will not disappoint.
Added on 24th May 2024
Tgirls Porn Volume 34 (Full DVD)
153 min video
Starring: Avery Angel, Cardi A Falcone
Another five fantastic scenes of our trans lesbians. These are girls who love girls who love girls and these ten stunning tgirls cannot wait to get their hands on each other. Depp gazes into each other's eyes, long kisses, stroking and feeling each other's bodies, as their cocks stiffen and their assholes yearn to be penetrated. These girls know exactly how to play with each other, bringing sexual tension and electricity which you can feel in these authentic scenes or real trans sex.
Added on 24th May 2024