Saphira Blu

Birthday: 4th January
Location: Seattle, WA

Avg Rating: 0.0
Saphira had a lot of fun doing the shoot and was a lot of fun to work with. She loves to be roughhoused. At 5'6" and 119 pounds, she's very toss-around-able.

For fun, she likes to swim, travel, and hike. She lives right next to the mountains and the ocean. She spends a lot of time going in between the two.

She said that the craziest thing she's seen up close while swimming in the ocean is a sea lion and whales from a distance.

Swimming and frequently walking up hills keep her in fairly good shape.

She has a big cock, but she's more of a bottom since she's so submissive. She will top the right person.

Missionary is her favorite sexual position because she likes feeling the other person on her.

She loves her boobs being played with and has very sensitive nipples.
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Saphira Blu Appears in...

Tgirl Teasers #33 (Scene 5)
17 min video
Starring: Saphira Blu
One of the hottest debutantes of 2022 and our November 2022 Model of the Month, the amazing Saphira Blu, returns on Grooby Girls for the first time in 2023. This time, Saphira is back in front of Radius' lenses to shoot this week's climax special and she is looking absolutely stunning. We know you can't wait for her too pull out that big cock of hers and play with it and we know Radius will be able to capture it in its full glory. See Saphira stroking it until she orgasms!
Added on 1st Mar 2024
Tgirl Teasers #33 (Full DVD)
122 min video
Starring: Aria Sativa, Brooklyn Roberts
Seven more of the sexiest tgirls are here to tease and titillate you. These are some of the hottest returning and new girls across the USA, all who love to show off their amazing hot bodies, gorgeous faces, sweet breasts with perky nipples, round bouncy asses with smooth inviting assholes and rock hard cocks. They love being pleasured. They love to give pleasure!
Added on 1st Mar 2024
Tgirls Porn Volume 32 (Scene 3)
33 min video
Starring: Autumn Rain, Saphira Blu
This is some scene. Two of the best new models of 2022 together and starting 2023 with some style. Autumn Rain and Saphira Blu are perfectly matched, both are cool cats, natural, great breasts, killer bodies and utterly gorgeous faces. They were excited and hard for each other before the shoot, and you can see the passion and the excitement in this scene which is full of sexual tension. Autumn really takes the reins, as she enjoys Saphira's lips around her cock and then gets into some deep, passionate anal sex.
Added on 19th Jan 2024
Tgirls Porn Volume 32 (Full DVD)
154 min video
Starring: Autumn Rain, Erica Cherry
It's always interesting when we bring in real life partners and Jenny Bangz and Nikki Sapphire make a gorgeous and super cool couple - and this is a glimpse into what they get up to in their marital bed. Some passionate kissing, as they look into each other's eyes, licking and rubbing their bodies against each other, oral, footjobs and toe sucking before Nikki raises that perfect ass and invites Jenny to slide deep into her waiting asshole. Hair pulling, fucking, and Jenny flips Nikki onto her back, raising her legs for deep penetration. Phew! This is a scorcher.
Added on 19th Jan 2024
Trans Starlets #15 (Scene 2)
32 min video
Starring: Saphira Blu
November Model of the Month and one of our favourite new models of 2022, is back in for her first hardcore. She's a slim, toned, 5ft 6, 120lb sex machine with everything just about perfect - great boobs, lovely cock (some size on it also), that great body and sweet ass and a face that wouldn't look out of place in a fashion magazine. Some great passion and energy between Chris Epic and Saphira and some really great action, with plenty of oral and anal - this scene delivers in bucket loads!
Added on 22nd Sep 2023
Trans Starlets #15 (Full DVD)
142 min video
Starring: Beatrix Doll, Fae Clementine
Fresh, tasty, and ready to eat! Five of the hottest and newest trans girls to porn, ready to show you how they love to fuck and suck. Radius Dark one again turns his camera to these gorgeous girls - as Fae Clementine, Beatrix Doll, Sienna Vienna , Livi Doll, Sienna Vienna and Saphira Blu lick their lips, wet their tongues, lube up their tight asses and stiffen their cocks as they warm up and show-off their sexual skills. If you love hot and hard scenes with the newest talent, this one is for you!
Added on 22nd Sep 2023
Grooby Girls: 2022 Model of the Month (Scene 11)
18 min video
Starring: Saphira Blu
Saphira Blu is one of the more 'put together' girls I've seen recently, and exudes class and sexiness. She knows what looks good on her, and she makes sure it's matching - that tantalising lingerie, perfect makeup, sweet little skirt and top outfit and even her necklace all come together to create a stunning look. Add to that, a load of personality, sex appeal, the smile and those eyes ... it's a great mix and I'm sure Saphira is aware of the affect it will have on many of us. I can't wait to see more of this girl.
Added on 21st Jul 2023
Grooby Girls: 2022 Model of the Month (Full DVD)
186 min video
Starring: Amanda Riley, Amber
Only the best of the best are selected to be the Model of the Month. We pick whom we think are the most unique, dynamic and exciting new girls to be our monthly stars and we've collected them all here in a very special, limited release. The hottest trans girls, showing their sexy bodies and how they love to cum. 12 girls. 12 stars. 12 cumshots. 2022 was a stellar year.
Added on 21st Jul 2023