Birthday: 12th January
Location: Ohio

Avg Rating: 0.0
Shemeatress was born to the city of Sioux Falls in 1993. An elite performer standing at a towering 6'4". Blessed with a 72 inch ass giving her a rare and other-worldly proportion. Besides being gifted with her size she spends her time producing, and starring in adult film all while maintaining her domme fetish off-camera.

There isn't anything she won't try twice.
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Shemeatress Appears in...

Domino Presley's House Of Whores: Coven (Scene 3)
15 min video
Starring: Nathalie Presley, Shemeatress
Double Trouble Lost in the halls of The House of Whores, Epic stumbles upon two of the most beautiful BBW transsexual sisters he’s ever seen. Nathalie and Sophia enchant Epic and the three of them create some truly dark magick. Knowing the Mother of the House needs a sacrifice, the Presley sisters end their unlucky counterparts evening at the point of a blade.
Added on 6th Sep 2019
Domino Presley's House Of Whores: Coven (Full DVD)
89 min video
Starring: Alisia Rae, Domino Presley
The Devil demands a new bride, and it must cum in the form of a beautiful trans teenager! Watch Domino Presley and her league of murderous transsexual witches perform hypnotic blowjobs, ritualistic gangbangs, and raw hardcore anal – all in the name of glory to their coven. Featuring newcomers Ella Hollywood and Alisia Rae, Domino returns to direct her second House of Whores.
Added on 6th Sep 2019