Teddy Bare Naked

Birthday: 19th December

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Teddy Bare Naked is a 23 year old cutie originally from Alaska. Now living in Portland, Teddy has been able to be his most authentic self and loving every moment. Teddy is new to the industry, having only started in May 2021, but he assures you that you will see more of him around as he works on creating tons of content! In his free time, Teddy enjoys making clay sculptures and in general anything that he can get his hands dirty doing. Teddy is a hairy BHM teddy bear who loves belly rubs and cuddles just as much as he loves being dominant in the bedroom and he's here to show you just how lovable and fuckable he is!
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Beyond Boys #2 (Scene 5)
16 min video
Starring: Teddy Bare Naked
Teddy is back and he wants to get down and dirty! He immediately strips off his clothes and gets comfortable. After mandatory chest and belly rubs, Teddy moves closer and closer to his throbbing dick. He tugs on it and shoves his fingers deep in his dripping hole. Teddy decides you deserve to see his amazing ass, so he bends over and puts his big booty right in your face and plays with his hairy hole, moaning as he goes in and out with multiple fingers. He then decides he needs a bit more than just his fingers and pulls out a special toy to play with. After turning his vibe on, Teddy goes to town on his dick and hole with his toy and you can see his hole get wetter and wetter as he continues. Once he can't hold it any longer, Teddy finally lets himself cum so hard that you can see his boy pussy drip creamy cum around his toy!
Added on 11th Nov 2022
Beyond Boys #2 (Full DVD)
131 min video
Starring: Ari Koyote, Brex Boogie
Transnificent.com presents Beyon Boys – the new series featuring the hottest trans men in both solo masturbation scenes and hot fuck scenes with other sexy hot guys. Beyond Boys Vol. 2 presents nine handsome guys, ready for action. Hot and hard, wet and willing, no holes barred. This is the trans male content you’ve been waiting for.
Added on 11th Nov 2022